To promote an awareness of nature conservation and the environment through education and other activities.


a. Property owners over the age of 21 will be invited to apply for appointment as Honorary Rangers

b. All appointments shall be for a 2-year period.

c. Upon approval of applications each Honorary Ranger will be issued with a letter of appointment signed by the Municipal Manager.


a. An Honorary Ranger shall respect instructions from the Nature Conservation Officer and approved projects initiated by the Honorary Rangers.

b. The Nature Conservation Officer and/or Municipal Manager are allowed to discipline an Honorary Ranger should he/she be guilty of any misconduct by: infringing the Law and Regulations, Code of Conduct, unprofessional, dishonourable or improper behaviour.

c. In the case of such misconduct the Disciplinary Committee shall investigate the matter as soon as possible.

d. The Municipal Manager shall act according to the findings of the Committee.

e. In the case of any transgression of the Ordinance by an Honorary Ranger the Municipality will view this in a very serious light and may withdraw their appointment immediately.


a. Uniforms must be supplied by the Honorary Ranger.

b. Honorary Rangers act only in an advisory and educational capacity to an offender while they are in uniform. When necessary, Honorary Rangers may act when not in uniform – but only when able to show identity documents and an Honorary Rangers I.D. card.

c. A uniform should be worn fully and consist of described clothes and epaulettes.

d. Immaculate appearance and behaviour is required when wearing the uniform. The uniform must be clean, neat and a good fit.

e. No alcoholic beverages may be consumed by an Honorary Ranger when in uniform and on duty.

f. The following uniform is to be worn:

Colour – Plain bush-friendly colours.
Men – Shirt with shoulder epaulettes, long or short pants, khaki socks with brown shoes/sandals.
Women – Shirt/blouse with shoulder epaulettes, skirt/slacks, brown shoes/sandals.

g. All epaulettes and Identification Cards remain the property of the Municipality and if lost the Honorary Ranger will be responsible for the costs of replacement.

h. An Honorary Ranger may display the official Honorary Rangers badge on his/her vehicle - but only when in uniform and inside Marloth Park/Lionspruit.

i. All badges, whether received free of charge or bought, and Identification Cards must be handed in to the Nature Conservation Officer with fourteen days of temporary or permanent withdrawal of the appointment as an Honorary Ranger. Costs plus R100 administration fee will be debited to his/her Property Owners account if this is not complied with.


a. An Honorary Rangers must keep strictly to the letter and spirit of the Ordinance applicable to Marloth Park and Lionspruit and all national conservation and environmental laws. They must also make positive contributions towards the upkeep thereof.

b. Conservation advice and guidance must be given in an orderly and friendly manner by EDUCATION.

c. Harsh and unfriendly language by an Honorary Ranger will not be tolerated.

d. Every Honorary Ranger is expected to make his/her best possible contribution towards Nature Conservation and the implementation of the objectives of the Municipality.

e. All Honorary Rangers must support and serve the Municipality and are expected to visit Marloth Park as frequently as possible.

f. Any Honorary Ranger with exceptional knowledge, skills and time available should share it in the interests of the Municipality and Nature Conservation.

g. Any public appearance or contact with the media by any Honorary Ranger may only occur with the approval of the Municipal Manager.

h. In the case of a claim against an Honorary Ranger because of his/her actions, the Municipality will only accept responsibility if those actions were taken in the context of this Code of Conduct.

i. An Honorary Ranger is expected to prevent infringement of the Ordinance and by-laws through conservation, guidance and early warnings to prevent offences.

j. Honorary Rangers are expected to keep up to date with the developments in Marloth Park and Lionspruit in order to perform their duties effectively

k. A duty must be done with the knowledge of and in conjunction with the Nature Conservation Officer, Chief Honorary Ranger or co-ordinating Honorary Ranger.

l. A report must be completed after the duty and handed to the Chief Honorary Ranger.

m. A committee will be elected by the Honorary Rangers members and will consist of a Chief Honorary Ranger and at least 2 other members who will report directly to the Nature Conservation Officer.


An Honorary Ranger’s services may be terminated on the following conditions:
through suspension of appointments
disciplinary action
inability to participate in activities or to make a fundamental contribution
termination of property ownership


To execute the duties of the Honorary Rangers to which position you are appointed and to keep you up to date with the law under which you may act the following points are brought to your attention.


1. With your appointment as an Honorary Ranger it is assumed that you, as a member of an approved group, want to contribute to the upkeep of Marloth Park/Lionspruit in it’s natural state. Because this is an honorary position your first duty is to adhere strictly to the letter and spirit of the Ordinance of Nature Conservation (12 of 1983) and the ordinance of Marloth Park.
2. As an Honorary Ranger you are required to sign an Indemnity Form absolving the Municipality of any damage or injury to you as a person and/or your property that may occur when on duty as an Honorary Ranger.



It is expected of an Honorary Ranger to give a positive contribution towards the upkeeping of the Nature Conservation and the by-laws of Marloth Park.

When finding a person who infringes any of the Ordinances you must act as follows:

a. Firstly be friendly to the person. Remember that your first reaction may also provoke the person. Friendliness will usually be answered with friendliness.

b. Ask the person if he/she is aware of the fact that he/she is committing an offence. Then continue to explain what the offence is and why it is an offence. It is most important that people understand why
something is wrong.

c. If the person refuses to comply, explain that you will have no alternative but to report him/her. Contact the official on duty. If he is not available only contact the SAP if it is a serious offence.
Carefully note down the following information:

1. car registration number

2. position of the vehicle and description of the offender

3. date, time and place

4. nature, details and circumstances of the infringement

5. photos ares good documentary evidence if possible.


1. Gate duty – greeting visitors and handing out regulations, etc at Gate 1.

2. Lionspruit duty.

3. Building site inspection.

4. Alien vegetation clearing.

5. Assistance with Special Events.

6. Visible Patrolling.