Tributes to friends who are no longer  with us


John Martin

14/10/1938 to 23 /01/2015

John and Jan Martin lived in Fourways in Johannesburg prior to moving to Marloth Park. John was involved in the Fourways nature reserve for three years and enjoyed many pleasurable hours assisting with the management of the Dassie population and the establishment of ostriches within the reserve. 

John and Jan moved to Marloth Park in April 2005, as they were tired of the chaos and ever growing walls  of concrete popping up around them.  John was in his element with the large selection of wild life on his doorstep.  He enjoyed sitting on the patio where he spent many hours documenting this menagerie of animals. John first attended the Marlothii Conservancy meetings as a resident of Marloth Park. His passion for conserving wild life would however not allow him to be a passive member and he made himself available to serve on the committee. He was soon elected to chairmanship and promptly introduced new direction.  This included specialist speakers on various wild life topics. He was also very enthusiastic about the lectures presented by Keith Knorr and was always supportive of new ideas that could contribute to conserving the environment. John was a keen bird watcher and soon started weekly bird walks at Henk van Rooyen Park which proved extremely popular and this eventually resulted in Marloth Park being listed on the Animal Demography Unit of the University of Cape Town. One of his greatest concerns was the dwindling rhino population  which he monitored very carefully and reported on regularly to the Conservancy and other organisations. John’s chairmanship steered the Conservancy into its proper role of educator in the conservation of Marloth Park. 

John will be fondly remembered by many for his generosity, passion for life and regaling of wild life tales.

Our prayers and thoughts are with Jan and the family at this difficult and changing time. John may you remain in the memories of all who knew you, it is a sad when we have to bid good bye to a friend and servant of the Marlothii Conservancy, rest in peace – farewell, tot siens, Hamba Kahle old friend.  

Barbara Long

Barbara was a valued plant expert and excelled in identification of trees, shrubs and even tiny forbs, both indigenous and exotic.

She was an enthusiastic and valued member of the Marloth Park Honorary Rangers and the Marlothii Conservancy as well as a Kruger National Park Honorary Ranger.

Barbara led our Bush Rehabilitation project on Seekoei Road as well as the development of Gruispan with the planting of trees, controlling of alien plants and plans for nurturing of the grass cover. Her tree identification and labeling function for the Property Owners was appreciated by all. She was the key person in the preparation of the ‘Plant Waterwise’ brochure. She also held training sessions on alien invasive plants for the Municipal teams.

We shall remember Barbara’s willingness to help, her kind, smiling face, her infectious laugh and her great sense of humour.

Barbara was a friend to many of us. We will miss her very much.

Our condolences to her husband, Stuart, her children and all her family.

Tony Newey

Tony and Jeanette Newey bought in 1995 and came to live in Marloth Park in 2002.  They were both keen conservationists with Tony being an avid birder and Jeanette having a wide knowledge and love of plants.

Tony was a valued birding expert and excelled in the identification of birds by their calls, habits and visuals.  He had recorded 851 different sightings in Southern Africa.  Tony lead the bird walks on Saturday mornings at Henk van Rooyen Park for a long time, much to the delight of the many birders in Marloth Park.

He was an enthusiastic and valued member of the Marloth Park Honorary Rangers and the Marlothii Conservancy and served on their committees for many years.  He was always willing to go on to Gate Duty and help with all aspects of Conservation work.   He was Deputy Chief Honorary Ranger serving tirelessly on the Honorary Rangers Committee.  When he could no longer work as an Honorary Ranger due to failing health, he was made an Honorary, Marloth Park Honorary Ranger in appreciation of all the work he had done over the years.

Tony also served on the Committee of the Permanent Residents Association and was appointed Chairman and then joined the committee of the Marloth Park Property Owners Association and was appointed Chairman of this organization, in which position he served ably.  Tony had the ability to see situations clearly and had a wide knowledge on many subjects.  He was fondly known by the Municipal Manager at the time as “The Professor”.

We shall remember Tony for his willingness to help in many areas of conservation, his friendliness, his kind, smiling face and his quiet, sensible advice.

Tony was a friend to many of us and we will miss him very much.

Our condolences to his wife, Jeanette and all his family.