Marloth Park to keep animals

2003-11-29 13:40
Pretoria - Marloth Wildlife Trust has been granted an interdict by Pretoria High Court preventing the removal of wildlife from the area.


Ian Moss, chairperson and attorney for the Marloth Park ratepayers association, said the interdict ruled that all the animals, including the lions, that had been taken away must be looked after and cared for until they could be returned to Marloth Park.

The interdict also ruled that no animals could be removed from Marloth Park, or culled without the property owners' consent.

Captured animals were not to be relocated to other destinations.

The court also ruled that the zebras and impalas that had been removed had to be returned before December 9.

Moss said the Mpumalanga Parks Board had objected to their case regarding the lions and the matter had been postponed to December 1.

The interdict was brought against the Mpumalanga Parks Board, the Nkomazi municipality, the department of veterinary services, Pro Cap Game capture and against the chief nature conservation officer of Marloth Park.