Management of the species in Marloth Park is the responsibility of the Mpumalanga Parks and Tourism Authority

It is delegated to the Nkomazi Local Municipality

and is governed by South Africa Law, a major provision being the Mpumalanga Nature Conservation ACt 1998

There is further information on how the biodiversity of species should be managed throughout Mpumalanga in the Mpumalanga Biodiversity Conservation Plan Handbook although the only specific mention of Marloth Park is the Marlothii (Urban)Conservancy in Appendix 3.

The Nature Conservation Act is important to Marloth Park as it governs how the game and the veldt should be managed and in particular, the requirements for game capture and relocation, the status of hunting in the park, the control of alien plants and how permits for capture must be issued. 

Section 4 defines the classification of animal and plant species:

(a) Schedule 1 to this Act are specially protected game;
(b) Schedule 2 to this Act are protected game;
(c) Schedule 3 to this Act are ordinary game; and
(d) Schedule 4 to this Act are protected wild animals.

These schedules can be seen in detail: Classification of Species

Sections 5 - 11 contain the general regulations for hunting, Section 9 applying specifically to Nature reserves

Sections 16 and 20  refer to the catching of game and require separate and different permits