A Note to Garden Services Companies and Property Owners

The Marloth Park Honorary Rangers have requested that owners as well as garden services DO NOT RAKE the soil in Marloth Park. The leaves and twigs replace much needed nutrients to the soil.

By raking the soil and leaving bare earth it exposes the ground to erosion. The soil is heated to as much as 5°c more than covered soil causing it to form a crust. Top soil is washed away leaving hard baked barren earth in which nothing can grow. The increase in temperature of the soil attracts snakes lizard’s scorpions etc. that need to bask in the sun in order to increase their body temperature. 

The Veld condition in Marloth Park is extremely poor and a concerted effort is needed to preserve the arable grazing for the wildlife to survive. Contact the garden service to ask for a quote to plant indigenous grass suitable for grazing. 

Some gardens have alien invasive plants and exotic plants that are poisonous to the wildlife. Contact Joce at 0823065133 if you require advice on identifying or how to remove these plants, or ask your garden service for a quote to have them removed. This can be supervised by the Honorary Rangers.

Poisons - Please do not use poisons in the garden or home.  It is killing the wildlife. Use mouse traps in the home if necessary. The correct poison needs to be used on specific alien plants and needs to be applied by the correct methods.

For advice contact Joce at 0823065133 

Food that is killing the wildlife: Maize crushed or whole should NEVER be used as it causes colic and death. Bread and junk foods make the animals ill.

Please if you are putting out feed for the animals use only game pellets, mineral licks for game and Lucerne. For birds use wild bird seed, sunflower seeds and fruit. For the bush babies use banana and pawpaw. Do no feed monkeys or baboons. 

Help us to preserve Marloth Park for the wildlife. 

Thank you 

Marloth Park Honorary Rangers.

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