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The Marloth Park Honorary Rangers is a group of voluntary property owners who offer their time, expertise and resources while working to a code of conduct for the benefit of conservation and the environment in Marloth Park and Lionspruit.


General Meetings - open to all - are held at 08:00 on the last Thursday of each month in the Boardroom at Henk van Rooyen Park.

Chief Honorary Ranger's Reports  Open Meetings
 Closed Meetings  Committee meetings


A Property Owner's Guide to Conserve Indigenous Flora

See the new Guide to the Alien Plants of Marloth Park here

See our lions in Action here!


Male Nyala seen recently in Lionspruit

Photo by Joce Gordon

Spotted bush snake

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Vulture Deaths in Lionspruit



Following the recent incident of dead and dying vultures found in Lionspruit, it was reported by the Municipal Rangers that more vultures could have been saved if they had been notified earlier. It was first posted on Facebook and the rangers were only informed later.

The municipal rangers operate a 24 hour standby and the on-duty ranger has a cell phone for urgent matters. 

A quick reaction time is needed in emergencies and we ask that the rangers are informed of any injured animal or bird.

The Municipal Rangers standby number is 082 802 5894.


Early on Thursday April 30 2015, a truck arrived in Marloth Park with game feed donated by Wild Life Pharmaceuticals, the company appointed to do the game capture.

The Nkomazi Rangers offloaded the feed and took the first lot to the two capture sites.  They will be controlling the distribution and putting out the feed daily.

The poor condition of the veld means that the grazers, in particular, need feeding prior to the game capture taking place. There has been a delay due to the need for transport permits to move animals to Mozambique.

See all pictures of game feed offloading

Game Removal May 2015 by Hon Rangers

A meeting was held in March 2015 at the municipal building in Marloth Park to discuss the 2015 game removal Program. Consensus was reached by all members present (NKLM, MTPA, Honorary Rangers, Conservancy, Marloth Wildlife Fund, Care 4 Marloth, MPPOA and a State Vet) on the need for drastic game reduction this year. Not only to prevent huge loss of game by starvation but also to give the veld in Marloth Park a chance to recover and rehabilitate.

Game removal May 2015 - Afrikaans

Read more: Game Removal May 2015


Game Capture Press Release by Nkomazi Municipality



Enquiries: Velly

After years of stormy relationships between the Nkomazi Local Municipality, MTPA and Marloth Park residents, the 19th March 2015 heralded a new era of cooperation in respect of the game management of Marloth Park.

Read more: Game Capture Press Release

2012-14 Game Counts and proposed removals for 2015


Bush Encroachment Project


Following on the analysis undertaken last week by Jaco Minnaar, John Webber and Joce Gordon together with Andre Engelbrecht, the Bush Encroachment Project started on Thursday 9 April.  Andre, who previously worked for the Parks Board, gave the grou...

Read more: Bush Encroachment Project



Swazi Lily – Summer Impala Lily – Adenium Swazicum

These beautiful Swazi Lilies are in the bush in Lionspruit. The bush in this particular area has very many growing naturally.  This lily blooms prolifically.  The bloom range from a rich darker pink to light pink as the flowers fade.  It is a succulent deciduous shrub which grows to a maximum of 1m on flat, sandy plains in the bushveld. The main stem is single, short and stubby.  There are several ascending branches.  The leaves are narrowly oblong and are clustered at the end of branches. The fruit is paired cylindrical pods which turn greyish-brown when ripe.  The Adenium swazicum is a protected plant and may not be sold without a permit.

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waterconservationmission200wConservation in Marloth Park: Our Primary Concern

Our primary concern as Honorary Rangers is the well-being and long-term survival of Marloth Park as a viable nature Conservancy.

To achieve this, we must    •  Manage the veldt    and    •  Manage the Widlife

All property Owners bear a responsibility to care for their own properties and ensure that everyting we do encourages the well-being of the veldt and therefore the animals.

On this website there are articles describing how we can best ensure that we keep the veldt natural and the animals wild.

 Hon Rangers Monthly Advice to Property Owners Wildlife Generally About Alien plants
 Look after your own property Feeding during drought Veldt and Game Management
Marloth Park itself

Honorary Rangers together with the property Ownders Association and the Marlothii Conservancy have formed a FORUM in order to present a unified approach to the management of the Veldt and the animals.

Read about the Forum and the MPPOA 5-Point Plan


Animal Management and the 2014 Game Count

The 2014 ground Game Count figures for Marloth Park are available  here


Marloth Park Animal Mortalities June - September 2014

June   Mortalities:6 impala, 2 duiker,  1 lion, 1 baboon: total 10. (7 snares, 1 animal with snare), No road deaths 

July     Mortalities: 3 impala, 2 duiker, 3 bushbuck, 1 warthog, 1 wildebeest: total 10.  Road Kills: Impala 2, bushbuck 1, genet 1: total 4 (2 snares)      

Aug     Mortalities: 1 duiker, 2 bushbuck, 2 warthog, 1 kudu, 1 wildebeest, 1 zebra: total 8. Road kills: Impala 1.

Sept:  Mortalities: 1 bushbuck, 1 warthog, 1 wildebeest: total 3. Road Kills: Warthog 1, Mongoose 1: total 2. 1 snare, 1 animal with snare around its neck.


 lionessOur Lions: click here for the latest news 








Bird walks

birdingBird walks hosted by Honorary Rangers are held on the first Saturday of the month. The next meeting place is the corner of Crocodile and Volstruis Streets at 06h30.


Registration enables you to receive Honorary Rangers newsletters from time to time.

Our vision

hrOur vision is to support and assist the Nkomazi Municipality Conservation Department within Marloth Park with their management strategies and objectives while being an effective volunteer group. 
Read a brief  History of Honorary Rangers and the Conservancy

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