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1.      The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting which was opened with a prayer by Johan Veldsman.

Committee:   John Webber, (Chair), Joce Gordon 2nd, in C, Peter Craig-Cooper, Penelope Mayson (Secretary), Alison Fitzgerald.

Present HR:  Jim Morgan,  Tony Hayward,  Hendrik Visser, Diana van Rensburg, Andrew Hudson, Johan Velsdman, Lynette de Jong.

Others present:  Jennifer Webber, Keith and Dot Knorr,  J J van Rensburg, Jacques de Villiers, Derrick Bruins-Lich, Dorothy and Michael Young, Errol Potgieter, Linda Benarde, Dev Farquharson

2.      Apologies from HR: Graeme Altenkirk (KNP), Graham Johnson (Durban) Genie Retief (overseas), John Webb (overseas).

The Chair raised an issue which had been brought to his attention regarding the length of the meetings. His idea was they should be fairly informal to enable input from those present and to encourage participation.

3.      Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Feedback.

Requested the development team to remove the advertisement sign. From a legal perspective it is not cast in stone that it should be removed. The team have completed the tree identification and Andrew has mapped these. Carol Meyer will be advised the task has been completed. The firm  will proceed with the EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) process

4.      Forum meeting

No meeting has taken place for a while. Issues need to be discussed. A question "Is there a plan for MP for the next five to ten years "was raised, as there was an increase in building and a deterioration of the land.

5.      Bush snippets

Two new ostrich chicks. The donor who was going to donate more ostriches has withdrawn the offer.

6.      Snares

Mortalities for March and April received from the Municipality. Killed by vehicles. March -1 bushbuck, April-0. Snares. March-0, April- 1 kudu, Mortalities. March-6, (3 impala,1 duiker, 1 kudu bull, 1 warthog),  April – 1 kudu.

7.      Ranger Activities

Photos were shown of Parthenium which hase been sprayed. A stronger solution is now being used - Viroax was 60ml to 10 litres. It is now 300ml to 10 litres. Clean up and spraying round some benches. Photos of mama cat show she is thin and in poor condition and the feeling is she will not last much longer. John and Joceare having a meeting with Velly to arrange Parks Board assistance.

An illegal bench placed in parkland has been removed. Elfas took Velly to show him and Velly then authorised the removal which was carried out by Municipal Rangers.

The donation of a bench by Gordon and Lesley Cunningham in memory of HR Barbara Long  has been placed at Gruispan. The spelling of Gryspan not Gruispan was drawn to the attention of the meeting.

Bench repairs at Jackalberry parking have been completed, and the plaque has been moved to Two Trees. Hendrik (Oubaas) Visser has offered to take responsibility for maintenance of benches along Crocodile Rd.section.

Clean-up campaign. Alison thanked all those who are taking part. 75 bags have been collected to date. A donation of R700 a month will ensure the sustainability of the project which is being carried out weekly. A call for assistance was made to load the bags to take to the dump would be appreciated.

Property 3242 inSeekoei where building operations had stopped, has been taken over by squatters.Illegal connections to water and electricity have been made. The property owner was unaware of the situation. He has now said he will pay to demolish squatter structures, rehabilitate and clean up the erf. MPPOA is assisting him in the process.

Work Party arranged for Monday 2 June to do repairs at Frikkies Dam. To meet at the LS gate at 07h00.  Flood rubbish also needs to be cleared along river bank in Lionspruit, so a guard will have to be arranged.

Flora. Working for Water (WfW) team working in Marloth Park (MP) from Seekoi to gate 2.

Tree tags quiet at present . Lynette de Jong is working with Andre Engelbrech and Stuart Long

8.      Lionspruit.

LS still closed due to damage to the roads from heavy rains. The Municiapl logo hasnow been placed on all direction signs. The lions have been sighted, but Mama cat appears in poor condition and not receiving enough food. Photos were taken. The research project for bio control regarding parthenium is underway. A sign has been erected on the site.

9.      Tree Tags

Andre Engelbrecht has agreed to take this on and Lynette de Jong will manage the tags. Stuart Long has kindly agreed to assist in tree identification.

10. Website

Alan Johnson has agreed to assist with data transfer to Andrew Hudson. A new hosting company will be chosen.He will then be in a position to commence with the website. The second stage will be to re-organize the site as a reference i.e. Mission statement, history, contacts and what services HR provide. Links to our Facebook page and other organisations such as Conservancy, MPPOA provided. A list  of the projects HR undertake. Andrew will be asked to discuss with the Committee the content of the website. The Mission statement will be circulated to HR members for comment. New by-laws will be published 5 July.

11.Bush Talk.

The next Bush Walk 13 June 2014 Venue to be advised.

12.Bird walks. Diana van Rensburg recording what birds are seen.

13. Rates Insert

More property owners are receiving their rates electronically, so the amount of paper given to the Municipality will be reduced. Rates insert information will be available on the website when it is up and running.

14.Winter Fair.

Meeting will take place after the Committee meeting on 12 June for update.

15.Snake Removals.

1 spotted bush snakes, 1 black mamba, 4 Mozambican spitting cobras, 1 lenguaan.

Lorinda Steenkamp is organising another snake identification Course on 5 July.

16. Game Count and Culling

Jasper was scheduled to meet with Velly regarding the Cull.

17.Fire fighting, Disaster Management and First Aid

The First Aid course was attended by 7 members. A report will be in the June Bos news. A follow up regarding where emergency treatment can be obtained regarding snake bites to be arranged. Fire fighting disaster Management Team of role players meeting scheduled for 20 June

18.Speed Humps

A letter has been written to the Mayor requesting  theinstallation of speed humps along Olifants.


19.Wall of Remembrance

The site at the Krantz was visited. Permission needed from the Municipality. Design must be correct and in keeping with the environment.


It was agreed at the Committee meeting that Nellie Morgan could recuse herself from the General meeting due to hearing problems. Any request, by email or sms now should be given to Nellie so that re-imbursements can be made.

21.General. A donation of R100 was received from Dorothy Young in appreciation of the Bush walks.

Generator. The small one is repaired and paid for by the HR. The question is the inclusion in the assets register.

HR membership. The Code of Conduct says members should be property owners.

Hendrik Visser has offered to repair the fence on the Muni property near the pump site.

JJ van Rensburg commented that the by laws should be appropriate for MP.

Photo records of trees opposite properties on Seekoi overlooking KNP should be kept to monitor any illegal removal.

The roof at the Krantz to be repaired and treated with fire resistant material.

 The bin at Two Trees to be relocated to smoker's bench.

                  The meeting was 2hrs 15mins.


                 MEETINGS SCHEDULED 2014

                        Committee:   Henk van Rooyen at 08.00

THURSDAYS June 12, July 10, Aug 14, Sept 11, Oct 16, Nov 13

            General Honorary Rangers: Henk van Rooyen  at 08.00

            THURSDAYS  June 26, July 24, Aug 28, Sep 25,

            Oct 23, Nov 27

            Bush Walks: 07.00. Venue to be advised. Walk followed by a bush             breakfast

            FRIDAYS: Jun 13, Jul 18, Aug 15, Sep 12, Oct 17. 

Bird/Nature Walks: Henk van Rooyen at  07.00 and will advise when time changes in Spring. 



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