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General meetings

The published minutes of general meetings

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Minutes 26 February 2015


1  The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting which was opened with a prayer.


HR Committee :                John Webber (Chair), Joce Gordon (Vice-chair), Diana van Rensburg (Secretary), Nellie Morgan (Treasurer), Peter Craig-Cooper.

HR present :                       Penelope Mayson, Jim Morgan, Hendrik Visser, Lynette de Jong, Andre Englebrecht, Johan Veldsman, Linda Benade

Others present:                Jennifer Webber, Jacques de Villiers, JJ van Rensburg, Jeanette Newey, Dev Farquharson, Frik Pienaar, Anrie Pienaar, Peter Joubert

2      Apologies HR:            Graeme Altenkirk, Genie Retief, John Webb, Andrew Hudson


3      LLEAPA (Lowveld Lebombo Environmental Asset protection Alliance) Feedback.      

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Minutes 23 October 2014


(unconfrimed minutes)



23 OCTOBER 2014


The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting which was opened with a prayer by Peter carig-Cooper.


Committee: John Webber, (Chair), Joce Gordon 2nd, in C, , Peter Craig-Cooper, Nellie Morgan (Treasurer),Penelope Mayson (Secretary) ,

Present HR: Jim Morgan, Nellie Morgan, Hendrik Visser, Diana van Rensburg, Andrew Hudson, Lynette de Jong, Genie Retief, John Webb, Andre Engelbrecht


Others present: Jennifer Webber, J J van Rensburg, Dev Farquharson, Errol Potgieter, Denise Forsyth, Derek Bruins-Lich, Dorothy Young, Michael Young, Stuart Long, A H Wulle, Linda Benade.


Apologies from HR: Graeme Altenkirk, Johan Veldsman, Graham Johnson.


  1. Peter Craig Cooper wished to address the meeting with thanks to John for all the work he has done in the past year, and in particular for establishing a working relationship with the Municipality, which is something not achieved in the last few years. He also wanted to state he fully supported John in his endeavours.

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Minutes 24 July 2014


                        HONORARY RANGERS  GENERAL MEETING 24 July 2014

  1. The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting which was opened with a prayer by Johan Veldsman.
  2. Apologies from HR: Graeme Altenkirk (KNP), Genie Retief (KNP), Graham Johnson (TSB), Tony Hayman (Business), John Webb (overseas), Andre Engelbrecht (unwell)
  3. Bush snippets

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Minutes 25 September 2014



                                                       25 September 2014

  1. The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting which was opened with a prayer.
  2. Apologies from HR: Graeme Altenkirk (KNP), Tony Hayman (Business), Andre Engelbrecht (unwell) John Webb (JHB) Alison Fitzgerald.
  3. Ndlovu Retirement Village
  4. Bush snippets
  5. Snares
  6. Heritage Day
  7. Clean Up campaign
  8. Ranger Activities
    1. Business signs
    2. Jackalberry Bird Hide.
    3.  Flora
    4. Tree Tags.
    5. Website
    6. Bush Talk
    7. Rates Insert
    8. Snake Removal
    9.  Game Count
    10. Fire Fighting
      1. Peace Officers.
      2. Speed Humps
      3.  Finances
      4. General

        Read more: Minutes 25 September 2014

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