Snake talk

 John Webb will give a talk on Snakes found in Marloth Park, covering
Identification,Types of Venom and Anti-venom, Dispelling the myths about snakes, What to do when encountering a snake

Tuesday   4 July 2017 9.00 – 12.00 am Jabula Lodge, Kurper Street, Marloth Park - R35.00 per person -  includes tea /coffee & light snack
Places are limited. Please book with Genie Retief cell 082 464 6618 Email:  

Field Security: 0828281043

HR: 083 775 4409
Rangers: 082 802 5894

John Webb 0797785359 
Field Security 0828281043

Municipal Park Land comprises any tract of land in Marloth Park which belongs to the municipality and is not zoned for Residential, Business, Special Use, Amusement, Public Garage, Agriculture or Roads.

 We would like to again remind residents and property owners that it is an offence to remove, destroy or cut down indigenous vegetation on Park Land for any purpose. This includes the clearing or cutting of trees to enhance a view of the river, or unauthorised roads and path ways.

The gathering of fire wood on Park Land is also not permitted and the public are urged to purchase fire wood for this purpose


The placing of any permanent structure on Park Land which includes unauthorised benches, tables or seating is illegal and these will be removed by the municipality.

The watering of Park Land and the discharge of effluent water creates an unnatural environment which usually leads to undesirable vegetation domination and reduction of natural grasses. 

Property owners are urged to support efforts to ensure the long term sustainability of our environment.


Munisipale parkland sluitallestukkegrond in watniegesoneer is virdoeleindes van private bewoning, besigheid, spesialegebruik, ontspanning, landbou en die padnetwerknie. Die volgendeaksies word op parkland verbied:

  • Die verwydering, vernietiging of afkap van inheemseplantegroei. Ditsluit in die baan van ’n wegdeur die bos en die afkap van bomeom die uitsigteverbeter.
  • Die bymekaarmaak van brandhout. Onswildit op die inwoners se hartedrukomhoutvirvuurmaakdoeleindesaantekoop.
  • Die plasing van enigepermanentestruktuurinsluitendeongemagtigdebanke, tafels of sitplekke. Die munisipaliteitsal so ’n struktuurverwyder.
  • Natlei en die storting van uitvloeiwaterwat ’n onnatuurlikeomgewing skep, bevorderlikviroornamedeuronwenslikeplantegroei tot nadeel van natuurlikegrassoorte.

Om saamte vat: Grondeienaars word aangespoorompogingsgerig op die langtermyn-volhoubaarheid van onsomgewingteondersteun.

Our vision

hrOur vision is to support and assist the Nkomazi Municipality Conservation Department within Marloth Park with their management strategies and objectives while being an effective volunteer group. 
Read a brief  History of Honorary Rangers and the Conservancy

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