Snake talk

 John Webb will give a talk on Snakes found in Marloth Park, covering
Identification,Types of Venom and Anti-venom, Dispelling the myths about snakes, What to do when encountering a snake

Tuesday   4 July 2017 9.00 – 12.00 am Jabula Lodge, Kurper Street, Marloth Park - R35.00 per person -  includes tea /coffee & light snack
Places are limited. Please book with Genie Retief cell 082 464 6618 Email:  

Field Security: 0828281043

HR: 083 775 4409
Rangers: 082 802 5894

John Webb 0797785359 
Field Security 0828281043

Open meetings



Evan welcomed everyone and Peter opened the meeting with a prayer.

1      Present: Evan Powell (CHR),Andrew Hudson, Diana van Rensburg,Nellie Morgan, Joce Gordon,Peter Craig-Cooper, John Webb, Jim Morgan,Rob Farquharson,Uschi Powell, Penelope Mayson, Oubaas Visser,Sandra Dill-Franzen, Paul Dill-Franzen, Genie Retief, Lynette de Jong,Juan de Beer, Lizzy Modiga, Errol Potgeiter

2      Apologies :Graeme Altenkirk, Mel Fennel, Linda Benade, Johan Veldsman, Peter Joubert, Lenara Joubert.

3      First Aid Course

        Evan has received many concerns regarding first aiders and using an AED.  He reported that the danger of shocking the victim is unfounded and it is not necessary to be trained in the use of the machine.  The 3 hours training course for the AED includes CPR. There were no reported cases of being sued for using an AED.  Evan reported that it is safe and can save lives.

Questions were asked if it is an HR function and should HR take responsibility for first aid and first responder duty.  There was great concern about HR taking on a function which should be that of the Municipality and it was agreed that the community, as a whole,should be taking on this function, in conjunction with a security company, who also have trained personnel and can provide a 24 hour response.  HR fund raising should be for flora and fauna and fund raising for the first aid should be taken to the Forum and be under a MPPOA banner.  Some were uncomfortable with HR taking over an emergency function and a separate group could be set up with those in the community who could assist.  Every organisation should be aware of the need for this and the responsibility should be for the FORUM.

4      Bush Snippets

Errol has seen terrapins at Gruispan.  Genie had Bubbling Kassinafrogs in the toilet.                                                                                                                                          

5      Forum Meeting – feedback

The FORUM has met with Ralf Kalwe and the next step is to meet with MTPB and NLM to discuss the way forward.  The possibility of using a mobile abattoir had been put forward as there is already one approved for use by SANPARKS.  The meat could then be sold locally.

One of Ralf Kalwe’s recommendations was for regular, frequent game counts. This is a long term project which could be useful for veld management.  The Park is already demarcated into 8 sectors and counts could done be on a biweekly basis. Other organisations could be involved with HR managing and collating the figures using Cybertracker.  Slides were shown to explain how Cybertracker is used for recording alien plants on a map with the GPS co-ordinates. 

6      Activities

·         Bird walk Saturday 6 May, meetcnr Crocodile / Volstruis at 6.30am.

·        Lion Tracking – Photos of both lions were shown, some good but some showed how thick the   bush still is and the difficulty of spotting the lions.

·         Snake report – Sandra had removed an Eastern Bark Snake from a shower.  It had entered the bathroom through an open window.  John had removed a Mozambique Spitting Cobra from an old washing machine in a bathroom.  He explained the behaviour of the snake to the householders, who didn’t have any knowledge of snakes.  CPF had reported incorrect and possibly dangerous advice on what to do with snake bites.  Education on snakes is vital and possibly another snake talk could be held.  Advice on snakes could be also be printed in a black language.

Riaan has removed 1 Mozambique Spitting Cobra, 1 Twig Snake and 1 Legavaan.

John’s figures included the Mozambique Spitting Cobra, the Eastern Bark Snake and 1 Puff Adder.

·         Alien Plant Removal Work Parties

The DEA (Department of Environmental Affairs) will be visiting Marloth next month and will also be at the July Fair. 

Uschi reported that last month 20(17 on one day) different species of alien plants were removed with 91 hours worked.  17 home owners were contacted with 5 instructing their gardeners to remove alien plants.  The Goosefoot on Buffel St will be removed.

One major concern is homeowners and garden services who are dumping their ‘garden rubbish’ which includes palm fronds and some alien plants in Parkland.  More alien plants are being spread by this and are increasingly found in the parkland.  Uschi will collect alien plants from houses since there is nowhere at the dump at present.  Contact Uschi 072 908 0350.

The alien plant of the month is Potato Creeper.

A suggestion was made to choose the most “visible” and easily identified at the time of publishing for the monthly article.  There are a number of plants that are not indigenous,and should be removed.  Some are particularly visible in winter e.g. Jacobs Ladder, Bottle Plant and Christ Thorn.  If they are left it may encourage homeowners to plant these, not realising they are not indigenous.

There is now a Global Invasive Plant list.

There was an interesting article posted on the MPPOA Facebook page which could be shared on HR Facebook.  The Nelspruit Deeds Office was not issuing title deeds unless a clearance certificate was given for the property to say it was fully compliant with all the local by laws which included building plans, boreholes and alien plants.  Transfer of property is being delayed asthe Municipality has no plan of action to deal with this.

·         Working for Water

We are waiting to hear when we will be allocated teams in their new financial year.  A pamphlet on Parthenium is available at Crocodile Bridge entrance to KNP.

·         Maintenance

It was asked who is responsible for cleaning and removing rubbish from the lapa and hides in Lionspruit.  It is thought that a cleaning company has the contract for cleaning and the Municipality should remove rubbish, but after the long weekend, the bins were overflowing.

·         Bush Rehabilitation

WTF have employed workers for bush clearing as LEFPAteams have pulled out, details unknown.   They are starting today at Duiker.

Ralf Kalwe did support bush clearing.

7              Public Liaison – Facebook / Website

Andrew reported the rates inserts are sent out every month, the alien plant and tree of the month are posted.  Uschi has requested the alien plant list be resorted.  If anyone has any articles or suggestion contact Andrew for the website and John for Facebook.

8              Fund Raising

                We received funds from sales of stickers at the Easter Fair.   Daisy’s Den will sell HR stickers.

                We will look at more options for donation boxes which can lock.

John reported that the sector patrollers had distributed humorous leaflets listing rules at the gates over Easter and money was collected for WTF for rhino feeding.  HR used to man the gates over long weekends and we still have the leaflets we used to hand out.  Duty on the gates could be co-ordinated with the others and the security company concerned.

9              Winter Fair 2017 / Easter Fair

The fair committee will meet afterwards.  Plans are progressing.  The date clashed with Innibos festival and it was hoped that it would not affect stall bookings.

Genie appealed for bottles for her table at the fair.  Target 400 bottles.  The bottles can be filled with anything e.g. sweets.  We will ask someone to run the White Elephant Stall.  Genie suggested selling spaces for a “car boot sale”.

10           Finances / Asset Register

Nellie reported on the income from the Fair and payments made including payment to SANBI for a course.

The asset register will be updated and it was noted that the generator is now at Stuart’s.

11           General

The problem of illegal advertising signs was discussed.  Lizzy and Johan will take the matter further in Malalane next week to see if any have been granted permission.

The court case against the owners of domestic pets in Marloth has been rescheduled as some of the owners have appointed a lawyer to oppose it.

There is gas tanker on Bosbok St which Lizzy will investigate as it is a fire hazard.

Rob has the tree tags, which sell at R20 each and he would appreciate any help.

Nellie had a suggestion for fund raising as did Penelope.

There has been a plaque printed for Dev for the tree planted at Gruispan.

There are many street names missing and this has been taken to the Municipality many times with no action.

There was no further business so the meeting finished at 10.10.


Minutes of GENERAL MEETING 30 March 2017


Evanwelcomed everyone and Graemeopened the meeting with a prayer.

1      Present: Evan Powell (CHR),Graeme Altenkirk (2ic), Diana van Rensburg,Nellie Morgan, Joce Gordon,Peter Craig-Cooper, Jim Morgan,Rob Farquharson,Uschi Powell, Penelope Mayson, Oubaas Visser,Sandra Dill-Franzen, Paul Dill-Franzen, Lynette de Jong, Mel Fennell,Juan de Beer, Lizzy Modiga.

JJ van Rensburg,Philemon Nhlongo, Mark de Beer, Dylan de Lange

New Honorary Ranger Juan de Beer was presented with his caps and epaulettes.

2      Apologies :John Webb,Andrew Hudson, Linda Benade, Johan Veldsman, Peter Joubert, Lenara Joubert.

3      Feedback on First Aid Course

        The first aid course was a three day Level 1 Wilderness course designed for Marloth Park, which is over an hour away from a major centre.  Wild animals are present in the Park and animal attacks on humans can be rapid and violent causing tremendous damage.   Safety first was stressed with prevention and then treatment. 

        To train people to be first responders would involve setting up a plan of action and considerably more equipment would be needed.  An AED (automated external defibrillator) alone costs in the region of R30 000.00. Funds would have to be raised for these major expenses.  Other questions posed were who would be available to be called out and where would the equipment be stored.  At present the closest AED is in Malelane.

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AGM 2017


19 January 2017


Peter Craig-Cooper welcomed everyone to the meeting and Graeme opened with a prayer.

Present:      Peter Craig-Cooper (Chair), Joce Gordon, Diana van Rensburg (Secretary), Nellie Morgan (Treasurer), Evan Powell, Graeme Altenkirk, Uschi Powell, Linda Benade, John Webb, Lynette de Jong, Jim Morgan, Penelope Mason, Oubaas Visser, Rob Farquharson, Lizzy Modiga, Mel Fennel, Paul Dill-Franzen, Sandra Dill-Franzen.

Rob addressed the meeting to thank everyone for the support and care shown to his family during his mother’s illness.  They had appreciated the attendance of everyone in uniform at the funeral.  He also thanked everyone for the friendship that Dev had so enjoyed in her time in Marloth Park which had made it a particularly happy time.  She had been active right up to the end and joined in various activities such as alien plants and the fair.

Apologies: Andrew Hudson, Genie Retief, Peter Joubert, Lenara Joubert, Annemarie Esterhuizen, Tom Esterhuizen, Johan Veldsman.                                                    

Confirmation of minutes of 2016 AGM   

The minutes were accepted as is.

Read more: AGM 2017

Minutes of General Meeting 23 February 2017

23 February 2017

Evan welcomed everyone and Peter opened the meeting with a prayer.

1      Present : Evan Powell (CHR), Graeme Altenkirk (2ic), Diana van Rensburg,Nellie Morgan, Joce Gordon, Peter Craig-Cooper, Jim Morgan, Rob Farquharson,Uschi Powell, Penelope Mayson, Oubaas Visser, Linda Benade,Lynette de Jong, Mel Fennell.JJ van Rensburg, Errol Potgeiter.

2      Apologies :  Sandra Dill-Franzen, Paul Dill-Franzen, John Webb, Andrew Hudson, Juan de Beer, Johan Veldsman, Lizzy Modiga, Peter Joubert, Lenara Joubert.

3      Feedback on Priorities for 2017

·         Game Management - Ralf Kalwe will be re-assessing the state of the veld on 13 March 2017.

·         Alien Plant Eradication – ongoing projects.

·         Education – rain caused postponement of some activities.  The grass walk and talk will now take place on 24 February.

Another snake talk could be planned for April holiday time.

Read more: Minutes of General Meeting 23 February 2017

GENERAL MEETING 24 November 2016

GENERAL MEETING 24 November 2016


Peter welcomed everyone and Rob opened the meeting with a prayer.

Rob thanked everyone for the support shown for Dev who is now recuperating at home.  Peter gave an update on Tom, who is also improving.

1      Present : Peter Craig-Cooper (CHR), Diana van Rensburg,Genie Retief, Nellie Morgan, John Webb,Jim Morgan, Graeme Altenkirk, Joce Gordon, Evan Powell, Rob FarquharsonLizzy Modiga, Uschi Powell, Penelope Mayson, Oubaas Visser, Lynette de Jong,  Linda Benade,Mel Fennell, Sandra Dill-Franzen, Paul Dill-Franzen.

JJ van Rensburg, Errol Potgeiter, Jeanette Newey, Paula Volkmer.

2      Apologies :  Dev Farquharson, Andrew Hudson. Johan Veldsman, Peter Joubert, Lenara Joubert.

3      New Members

        Mel Fennel, Paul Dill-Franzen and Sandra Dill-Franzen were welcomed as new HRs and presented with their caps and epaulettes.

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