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                                                       25 September 2014

  1. The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting which was opened with a prayer.
  2. Apologies from HR: Graeme Altenkirk (KNP), Tony Hayman (Business), Andre Engelbrecht (unwell) John Webb (JHB) Alison Fitzgerald.
  3. Ndlovu Retirement Village
  4. Bush snippets
  5. Snares
  6. Heritage Day
  7. Clean Up campaign
  8. Ranger Activities
    1. Business signs
    2. Jackalberry Bird Hide.
    3.  Flora
    4. Tree Tags.
    5. Website
    6. Bush Talk
    7. Rates Insert
    8. Snake Removal
    9.  Game Count
    10. Fire Fighting
      1. Peace Officers.
      2. Speed Humps
      3.  Finances
      4. General
        1. Bird Walk.

Committee:   John Webber, (Chair), Joce Gordon 2nd, in C, , Peter Craig-Cooper,Nellie Morgan (Treasurer),Penelope Mayson (Secretary) ,

Present HR:  Jim Morgan, Nellie Morgan,Hendrik Visser, Diana van Rensburg, Andrew Hudson,   Lynette de Jong, Genie Retief, Graham Johnson,

Others present:  Jennifer Webber,  J J van Rensburg, Lorraine van der Riet, Linda Bernardi, Dev Farquharson, Errol Potgieter, Denise Forsyth, Derek Bruins-Lich

John Webber met with Jan Engelbrecht to establish what was happenig with the EIA.The firstconsultant appointed decided not to do the EIA. Third consultant appointed has registered the EIA, but still had to receive the registration number.

All five ostrich chicks have died. It appears that they drowned.

No figures received from the Municipality. Section Ranger of Lower Sabie arrested for poaching.

Very successful trip arranged for Municipal workers and cleanup personnel, into the KNP on 11 September. Elfas wished to thank those who raised enough funds to cover the costs.

Project going nicely. Gate 2 recycling going well. 248 bags of litter collected to date. Dump still a major problem. Meant to be a holding station but because of problems at Steenbok the holding station cannot be implemented. New door made for the incinerator. Waist Company may partner with municipality and provide equipment.

 Clearing of the new road at jackalberry Dam. Phil Minaar still to remove tree stumps, and then to drive through to create a track.

Parthenium sprayed along the river road. Within a week showed signs of stress and appears to be dying. To spray it in the rosette stage appears to be more effective.

Planting and gardening completed at LS gate.

Notice Board at Trading Post has been re-covered and coated.

New bird posters now displayed at Lionspruit bird hydes.

Bins removed on Olifant Rd.where there is no bus stop.

New Lionspruit signs installed on Olifant Rd.

Business and property owners who have illegal advertising signs will be given      notices which have been prepared by the municipality. 30 letters have been drafted to business owners. A register for the distributionhas been compiled.

Joce took donor to the location. Donor very impressed and mentioned he would also like to have a toilet installed. Cost R38000-R48000. Difference in cost is whether the wood is pretreated or not. Donor would like to have a figure for an interim payment. Hennie would like 80% which is for the cost of the materials.

Working for Water Team finishing end of September. Another team need to work from Renoster to Gate 2.

New alien plant brochure and extra page being finalised. Will discuss quote with other organisations for contribution to costs.

Cycads at 321 Tortoise St.: Cycad authority was requested to inspect the property. All permits appear to be in order. Dr Nkosi going to check the fencing.

Parthenium Trials: Area to be identified for the trial. Need a 5 acre area for the trail. Collette working on national plan.

Adjacent farm in Fig tree has a field of high parthenium. Needs to be established whether they are going to plant crops.

No sales

The main activitiy this month has been the bulk email to all property owners based on the Municipality list of email addresses. Of the 750 addresses provided, some 75 proved to be undeliverable. However 670 emails attaching last month's rates insert were delivered, and a note about our facebook page and the website. If all goes well we should be in a position to email these property owners from time to time with any news of general interest. Our new Bird walk is noted on the websites,Facebook and notice boards.

Face Book: Terence Minter will be posting First Aid information.

Andre’Engelbrecht will be doing the bush walk on 17 October. Subject is “Burning of the veld, good and bad”.

The next insert will be on bush frinedly name and number signage.

HR offer this snake removal service but are not going to remove leguans which present no danger to property owners. This month hadrequests for 3 leguan and 1 genet. Notice to be placed on the website that HR only remove snakes. Snake removals: 1 boomslang , 1 bush snake.

The meeting was informed that Jacques de Villiers will not continue the Bos News.He advised that people will be refunded where necessary. He was thanked for his contribution to this popular monthly publication which will be sorely missed.

John Webber thanked everyone for their assistance with the ground game count. The numbers were close to the aerial count with improvements on the Zebra and Wildebeest numbers.A copy of which was forwarded to Velly. John Webber was requested to see Velly andwas informed that culling will start. Refrigerated cold room has to be fixed, which Graham Johnson will look at. Permit not received for the culling of impala, but culling of warthog will commence. Persons wishing to buyImpala meat should contact Winnie.Numbers suggested to be moved: 20 giraffe, 20 kudu, 5 zebra, 12 wildebeest, 200Impala, 80Warthog. Also discussed was the work HR have doneand the ground game count. Ground game count figures for 2012, 2013, and 2014 were requested. He thanked John for all HR efforts and all the good work HR do for the Municpality.

The meeting was reminded that this month was still a High Risk time for fires.

Close to receiving their uniforms. Dog removed from Gate 2, went to kennels, but brought it back. 3222 trailer seen with dogs.

Still trying to talk with Philemon regarding this.

Street names.

Quotes  of R450-750 been received. Ongoing discussion with Emma.

These were produced.

An illegal road in Puff Adder through two people's property. Clarification needed as to whether the owner has given permission.

Toilet at Frikkies. Urgent that the work should be completed. Team effort of Errol, Peter, Jim to proceed with this.A report of an open braai fire at the Krantz. Suggestion to have a sign saying no open braais, and also a request for  minimal noise.

 These will take place under the guidance of Genie Retief on the first Saturday of each month. The first on 4 October to meet at Buffel/ Seekoi at 06h00. As from next year there will be a Bird course session.

Ben Orban report of 2006 is out of date. Suggestion to have an update. New guidelines are needed regarding the carrying capacity of animals, veld management, and building footprint. Genie will follow this up. To obtain a written quote for John Webber to take to the Municipality.

The meeting ended at 10h30


                        Committee:   Henk van Rooyen at 08.00

THURSDAYS Oct 9, Nov 13

            General Honorary Rangers: Henk van Rooyen  at 08.00

            THURSDAYS  Oct 23, Nov 27

            Bush Walks: 07.00. Venue to be advised. Walk followed by a bush             breakfast FRIDAYS: Oct 17.

Nature Walks:  Third Saturday in the month  07h00 Henk van Rooyen

Bird Walks: First Saturday in the month.  06.00 Venue to be advised

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