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GENERAL MEETING 27 October 2016

Peterwelcomed everyone and Graeme opened the meeting with a prayer and mentioned Dev who is in ICU.

1      Present: Peter Craig-Cooper (CHR), Diana van Rensburg,Genie Retief, Nellie Morgan, Andrew Hudson, John Webb,Jim Morgan, Graeme Altenkirk, Joce Gordon,Evan Powell, Uschi Powell, Penelope Mayson, Oubaas Visser,Lynette de Jong, Linda Benade.

JJ van Rensburg,Derrick Bruins-lich, Errol Potgeiter, Mel Fennell, Jane Campbell, Jurgen Lovasz, Sandra Dill-Franzen, Paul Dill- Franzen.

2      Apologies :Dev Farquharson, Rob FarquharsonLizzy Modiga,Johan Veldsman, Peter Joubert, Lenara Joubert,Tinus Grobler.

3      Members

        Genie has stood down as 2ic due to her commitments and Evan will be 2ic until the end of the year.              

Frik and Anri Pienaar have tendered their resignations and Peter has thanked them for their contribution.

        Mel Fennel was welcomed as a new HR.

4      Bush Snippets

Peter had seen an owl, most likely a barn owl which is unusual now.

Errol has seen warthogs with young.

Ostriches have been seen in Mamba with 2 baby chicks

John commented on a 4 metre python, the largest one he hasseen, but Riaan has seen a 5 metre one.  JJ had a 3.5 metre outside his house.  We are seeing many more pythons now.

5      Forum Meeting – feedback

The meeting,which was attended by MIC, has beenreported verbatim on facebook.

Peter has asked for another FORUM meeting to address items such as the dump, law enforcement,the removal of impala, rubbish cages and night walkers.

Genie stressed that we mustn’t lose sight of Conservation and the Ralf Kalwe report and the need to support the Municipality in removing more impala before we lose another year of grass growth.

The dump is of great concern as it is a health hazard for residents and the workers there.  The issue has been taken up by Mariette Preddy and other ways forward were discussed, such as calling a meeting with the municipal manager.  The legality of the location of the dump was questioned as it is unlicensed.  Matters like this are a crime against the environment and can be reported.  Evan has the contact number of the Green Scorpions and will contact them.

6      Activities

The next bird walk is on Saturday 5 November at 6.00.  Meet cnr Crocodile/ Volstruis. All are welcome.An extra bird walk in December can be scheduled so visitors can join in.

John may hold a snake talk in December and is looking at suitable venues.  There is a snake handling course given by Chris Hobkirk on 10th December.

The lions in Lionspruit are in good condition.

The number of snakes being seen are increasing as the weather has warmed up.  Riaan from Field has removed 1 Python, 1 Puff Adder, 2 Mozambique Spitting Cobras, 3 Boomslang and 1 Marbled Tree Snake while John has removed 2 pythons.  We hope to get more people trained to remove snakes from houses.

The Alien Plant team has removed over 700 Prickly Pears and 65 Queen of the Night with 23 hectares cleared in over 44 hours.  The plants removed will be placed in drums and eventually burnt.   Hotspots of alien plants are also tackled with the help of 2 municipal workers.   8 homeowners have been contacted requesting them to remove the alien plants on their properties with 1 positive response.  The team also includes members of other organisations and all volunteers are very welcome.  Equipment to help in the work has been purchased. 

The “Alien Plant of The Month” is Sisal and a detailed article will be published on facebook.  We will continue to try to educate property owners and make them aware of the alien plants.  If all property owners could look after their own property it would greatly help.

Working for Water has still not set a date when they will come to MP.

Maintenance is needed on some benches along the river on the Crocodile side and some signs in Lionspruit need repair.  Water diversion humps have been built.

7              Public Liaison – Facebook / Website

Facebook is going well with articles on alien plants and the articles, previously posted on snakes could be brought to the top again.  They are also on the website, which continues to be an excellent source of reference, with articles arranged by subject matter for ease of navigation.

The alien plant brochure can be downloaded off the website.

1322 rates insets were emailed with 1308 delivered, 597 opened and 467 followed the link.  This is a very good rate for a newsletter.  1 response was received which was complimentary (always nice).

8              Game Management and Game Counts

The game count numbers were discussed with the Municipality and it would be better if another 100 impala were removed (in line with Ralf Kalwe’s report) but we have not received any feedback

9              Fund Raising

We have ordered more fridge magnets which list the emergency numbers.

We currently have grass seed in stock and need to order more but the supplier is short of some of the preferred seed.

We will order more bumper stickers with a new design.

10           Winter Fair 2017

There will be a meeting for the fair committee after the general meeting.   Plans for redesigning layouts etc. are well underway.


11           Indemnity forms / Constitution

                We have indemnity forms to be signed by all HRs and anyone on a work party.

12           First Aid

The certification for a first aid course which some HRs attended,lasts 3 years and expires in May 2017.  We have quotes for a new course to be held next year and it was suggested that we only need to do Level 1. 

13           Lionspruit

                Projects on hold until the feeding programmes are finished.

14           Finances / Asset Register

Most of the income is from the sale of grass seeds and the main expense was for labourers.

15           General

There are plans for a “Fangs” talk (topics - fangs, venom, canines, claws, dangerous animals) to be held on Thursday 17 November 10.00 – 12.00.  The cost will be R300.00 per person and we need a minimum of 10 people booked before we can confirm it will take place. Please phone to bookwith Joce 083 306 5133.

We will have the annual braai for the Municipal Rangers on 18 November 11.30 – 14.00at Henk van Rooyen. We will provide for the Municipal Rangers while the HRs and their spouses will bring their own.

Nellies suggested a get together for HRs in December – provisionally 10 December at 14.00 at Nellies house.

A visitor asked about the trucks driving along Renoster at night and it is believed that this is sugar cane being transported and will be for a limited time.  He also commented on the number of lights outside houses, in particular one near him.  These lights are unnecessary in the bush and the concern is that soon it will be like a suburb in town with all these lights. It is also detrimental for the nocturnal animals and insects.

The rubbish bins at the Kranz are overflowing and a question was asked about who is responsible for emptying them.

It was pointed out that some of the one-way signs along the river road were missing and a number of people were driving the wrong way causing havoc.

Many of the road names are missing which can problems and delays in responding to emergencies.  One suggestion was that the house closest to a junction put up a sign with the stand number and the street name.

A report of a Leadwood being cut down was received and a R4000.00 fine was issued.

There are too many advertising signs being erected along Olifants.  This is not in keeping with a Conservancy. 

There was no further business so the meeting finished at 10.00.

Fair Committee meeting at 10.30.

Our vision

hrOur vision is to support and assist the Nkomazi Municipality Conservation Department within Marloth Park with their management strategies and objectives while being an effective volunteer group. 
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