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GENERAL MEETING 24 November 2016


Peter welcomed everyone and Rob opened the meeting with a prayer.

Rob thanked everyone for the support shown for Dev who is now recuperating at home.  Peter gave an update on Tom, who is also improving.

1      Present : Peter Craig-Cooper (CHR), Diana van Rensburg,Genie Retief, Nellie Morgan, John Webb,Jim Morgan, Graeme Altenkirk, Joce Gordon, Evan Powell, Rob FarquharsonLizzy Modiga, Uschi Powell, Penelope Mayson, Oubaas Visser, Lynette de Jong,  Linda Benade,Mel Fennell, Sandra Dill-Franzen, Paul Dill-Franzen.

JJ van Rensburg, Errol Potgeiter, Jeanette Newey, Paula Volkmer.

2      Apologies :  Dev Farquharson, Andrew Hudson. Johan Veldsman, Peter Joubert, Lenara Joubert.

3      New Members

        Mel Fennel, Paul Dill-Franzen and Sandra Dill-Franzen were welcomed as new HRs and presented with their caps and epaulettes.

4      Nominations

        The nomination form for the 2017 committee will be emailed to all and the AGM will be held Thursday 19 January 2017.

5      Bush Snippets

An ostrich was causing trouble at 2 Trees parking recently attacking people sitting there.

There are lots of dung beetles and snakes crossing the roads.

More birds are present – Woodlands Kingfishers have arrived, Indigo birds are present in large numbers and cuckoos are vocal.

6      Forum Meeting – feedback

The last meeting was held on November 5 when culling was again discussed.  Not all the organisations could agree on the removal of the 100 impalas and the municipality would not apply for a permit at this late stage in the year.  The organisations did agree that MPPOA should get legal advice.

     7      Activities    

        Bird walks

        Last month’s bird walk was well attended and included members of Barberton Bird Club.

The next bird walk is on Saturday 3 December at 05:30.  Meet cnr Crocodile / Volstruis. All are welcome. There was no decision on holding another bird walk in December as dates are limited.

Advertising posters will be put up on notice boards and posted on Facebook.


LIon Tracking

Joce reported on the lions who are not always easy to see but are in good condition.

Snake report

Activity has picked up and Riaan has been very active.  He has reported that he removed the following from inside houses - 2 Puff Adders, 1 Mozambique Spitting Cobras, 6 Spotted Bush Snakes and 4 Black Mambas.

The snake handling course, presented by Chris Hobkirk, is on Saturday 10 December.

John is giving a snake talk on Monday December 19 at Jabula Lodge 09:00 – 11:00.  Book with Genie Retief 082 464 6618 – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  Price R30.00 which includes tea / coffee.

Alien Plants Removal Work Parties

Photos were shown of recent work parties where large infestations of Mother of Thousands and Devils Backbone were removed. The team also includes members of other organisations and all volunteers are very welcome.  Uschi gave feedback of the numbers removed with over 450 Prickly Pears with 35 hectares cleared.  15 homeowners have been contacted requesting them to remove the alien plants on their properties with 6 owners complying.  Discussions have been held with the Environmental Affairs Department to assist in finding a way forward.

Working for Water

Working for Water has still not set a date when they will come to MP and so far have cancelled the meetings.  We hope to get teams next year.


Repairs on signs in Lionspruit are ongoing – Joce and Graeme to discuss the name plaques.  Water diversion humps need some work. If any benches are broken, report them to Graeme.   The bridge on the river walking trail was broken and removed but the gulley is probably too big now for poles to be laid across.  There is a wash away in Warthog which needs repair.  The lattice wall which was going to be built in front of the toilets at Frikkies Dam is now being tackled by WTF.  The bird hide on Crocodile needs maintenance as no-one is attending to it.

Peter suggested that HRs should go out in pairs over the holiday season to give a presence at say the main parking areas, which may encourage people to keep to the rules.

8              Public Liaison – Facebook / Website

Facebook is going well.  More articles are requested.

9              Game Management and Game Counts

There will probably be 500 impala by next year.  Current estimates are that there are 40 warthogs, some zebras were removed so numbers are under control, 80 kudu remain of which 40 should have been removed, 5 wildebeest were taken out so numbers are good and the plan for giraffe is unknown.  We need to monitor the game numbers and be prepared for an annual cull.

10           Fund Raising

                We have the new bumper stickers which will be promoted at meetings and the fair.

The fridge magnets listing the emergency numbers have sold well and we should order more for the fair.

A sign warning users of septic tank restrictions will be ordered.

We are packing the new grass seed which will be available next week in the shops.

Volunteers to man the stall at the Summer Fair on 17 December Saturday were called for and the roster will be emailed.  The alien plants and the boards, showing photos of activities, will be on display.

11           Winter Fair 2017

There will be a meeting for the fair committee after the general meeting.   Plans for redesigning layouts etc. are well underway.

12           Constitution

                Evan is looking at a Constitution as at present we only have aCode of Conduct.

13           Lionspruit

                Projects on hold until the feeding programmes are finished.

                It seems that the hunting permits have expired and there are no plans to renew.

14           Finances / Asset Register

Most of the expense was for the purchase of grass seeds and the braai for the Municipal Rangers.

We need to update the asset register.

15           General

There will be a get-together for all HRs and partners on Saturday 10 December at Nellies house starting 15:30 – 16:00.  Nellie asked for bookings as she is ordering the food.

A visitor asked if we were aware of “no smoking signs” being removed from the tables they had donated.  We will investigate.

There was no further business so the meeting finished at 10:00.

Fair Committee meeting at 10:30.


Our vision

hrOur vision is to support and assist the Nkomazi Municipality Conservation Department within Marloth Park with their management strategies and objectives while being an effective volunteer group. 
Read a brief  History of Honorary Rangers and the Conservancy

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