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19 January 2017


Peter Craig-Cooper welcomed everyone to the meeting and Graeme opened with a prayer.

Present:      Peter Craig-Cooper (Chair), Joce Gordon, Diana van Rensburg (Secretary), Nellie Morgan (Treasurer), Evan Powell, Graeme Altenkirk, Uschi Powell, Linda Benade, John Webb, Lynette de Jong, Jim Morgan, Penelope Mason, Oubaas Visser, Rob Farquharson, Lizzy Modiga, Mel Fennel, Paul Dill-Franzen, Sandra Dill-Franzen.

Rob addressed the meeting to thank everyone for the support and care shown to his family during his mother’s illness.  They had appreciated the attendance of everyone in uniform at the funeral.  He also thanked everyone for the friendship that Dev had so enjoyed in her time in Marloth Park which had made it a particularly happy time.  She had been active right up to the end and joined in various activities such as alien plants and the fair.

Apologies: Andrew Hudson, Genie Retief, Peter Joubert, Lenara Joubert, Annemarie Esterhuizen, Tom Esterhuizen, Johan Veldsman.                                                    

Confirmation of minutes of 2016 AGM   

The minutes were accepted as is.

             Accepted   Oubaas Visser

             Seconded   John Webb & Rob Farquharson

Business arriving from the minutes


Chief Honorary Ranger’s Report

Peter read out his report which we will email to all members.

Treasurer’s report and presentation of financial statement

Nellie presented a detailed report combining the bank and petty cash showing we have maintained a solid financial position.  

Election of Office Bearers

Peter is standing down as CHR but is available for the committee and Genie is taking a 3 month leave of absence.  The other existing committee members have all been nominated and seconded and no other nominations have been received.

Therefore the committee will be:

            Nellie Morgan (Treasurer), Diana van Rensburg (Secretary), Joce Gordon, Andrew Hudson, Peter Craig-Cooper, John Webb, Evan Powell and Graeme Altenkirk.

The committee will decide on CHR and 2ic after meeting.

The decision was -  Evan will be CHR and Graeme 2ic.

Joce thanked Peter for the excellent job he did as CHR and he received a well-deserved round of applause.


Peter said that the drought had taught us a lot about the value of water and everyone is amazed at the transformation of the bush after the recent rains.  The grass has grown, as well as the many alien plants.  This year will bring many challenges as we try to manage the game and culling which will prove difficult with an interdict on shooting.  The veld will need careful management and there is a major problem with aggressive and destructive baboons in Gate 1 area.

Diana reported that there are 2 Working for Water teams in the Park at present and requested assistance in monitoring them.  1 team is working along Seekoei from Gate 2 towards 2 Trees and the other will attend to “hot spots” where we have identified the greatest infestations.  They are presently at Volstruis and Crocodile and will move to Olifants next week, going from the dump towards Gate 2.  Terence is involved but it is important for us to show a presence and encourage them and also walk with the teams if possible.  A roster will be set up.

Graeme reminded everyone about the first aid course – level 1 only – which will be held this year.  We need 10 people and if there are not enough HRs interested we will open it up to the other organisations.  Details of costs and date will be confirmed at the next general meeting.

We try to communicate with everyone via WhatsApp and email. It is quicker and easier if everyone is on the WhatsApp group.

Peter has some other talks of possible interest – Rob Preller and Digs Pascoe on elephant research. 

The “fire trailer” is stored at Graeme’s and he and Rob start it regularly.  Graeme is the HR representative on the Fire Group.  Oubaas will check the hydrants in his area.

Peter reported that we are unlikely to undertake bush clearing.  This brings up the question of what we should do with the stored equipment which will have to be discussed further.

Evan reported that the scope of alien plant activities had expanded and we need more assistance with following up with home owners.  There is an active team working on alien plant removal which includes people from WTF and Conservancy.  Areas cleared need follow ups regularly and home owners need to be visited.

Next General Meeting will be on 26 January 2016 at 8.00 am.

The list of meeting dates for the year will be decided and the room booked with Winnie.

Next AGM will be held on 18 January 2018

Our vision

hrOur vision is to support and assist the Nkomazi Municipality Conservation Department within Marloth Park with their management strategies and objectives while being an effective volunteer group. 
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