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  1. The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting which was opened with a prayer by Peter Craig-Cooper.
  2. Apologies: Joce Gordon 2nd in C(medical emergency), Tony Hayman.  Graeme Altenkirk,  Alison Fitzgerald, Johan Velsdman, Lynette de Jong,
  3. Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Feedback.
  4. Forum meeting
  5. Bush snippets
  6. Snares
  7. Ranger Activities
  9. Flora
  10. Tree Tags
  11.  Website
  12. Bush Talk.
  13. Bird walks
  14.  Rates Insert
  16. Snake Removals.
  17.  Game Count and Culling
  18. Fire fighting, Disaster Management and First Aid
  19. Speed Humps
  20. Wall of Remembrance
  21. Finance
  22. General

The Chair welcomed Diane van Rensburg as a new HR and she was presented with a cap and epaulettes.

Committee:   John Webber, (Chair), Peter Craig-Cooper,  Nellie Morgan (Treasurer), Penelope Mayson (Secretary).

Present HR:  Jim Morgan,  Graham Johnson,  Stuart Long, Tony Hayward,  Hendrik Visser, Genie Retief, Diane van Rensburg, Andrew Hudson

Others present:  Jennifer Webber,  June Hayward, Johnson, Keith and Dot Knorr,  J J van Rensburg, Mike and Elroux Norton, Jacques de Villiers, Derrick Bruins-Lich, Jo Letcher, Dorothy Young, A.H.Wulle

Information has beeen posted on the website regarding the Ndlovu Retirement Village. The firm  will proceed with the EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) process.

Arrangements for the next meeting to be scheduled.

A baboon spider was found in a resident's home, and after being photographed and identifid by the Spider Society was found to be very rare as it was a male which is usually underground,  and only visible when looking for a mate. The Society would like to receive any reports of other sightings.

Mortalities reported for March not received from the Municipality. Concern was raised regarding the Rangers patrolling for snares. Suggestion was made whether HR should assist.

 The two teams of work parties were thanked in continuing their work to remove lantana along Oliphants. There is still a lot to eradicate. The use of tree poppers not suitable as they are too heavy to be used by females. Ideal for smaller shrubs.The last drive loop before the Krantz has been sealed off, and is now a walking trail.The illegal road made by a resident for access to the fence along Seekoi was dealt with. The Chair and two Metro Police saw the owner to explain this was not allowed, and that he would have to rehabilitate the area. The Chair was informed by the officers that no fine could be issued as the new by laws have still to be promulgated. This in fact, is untrue, as all laws are still in place until the new by-law have been finalised. This will be brought to the attention of MPPOA. New copy of the proposed new by-laws to be obtained.

Action: Legal advisor Respect Lubisi will be requested to provide a copy.

Gruispan. The area has been cleared for weeds around the newly planted trees.


Action: An illegal bench has been placed on Parkland. This will be investigated.

A complaint has been received from a property owner who donated two benches at TwoTrees. One of the plaques has been switched with a bench at Jackelberry.

Action: Lesley Cunningham has suggested that this be rectified to how it was originally.

Action. One of the benches at Jackelberry needs repair. HR will investigate as to what is required.

Bench along Crocodile near Porcupine needs repair.

Action: HR Hendrik Visser has offered to assist. John and Hendrik will identify others that need repair.

The meeting was reminded that memorial benches are still available for residential use.

A bench will be erected on the Gruispan site in memory of HR Barbara Long. This has been donated by Gordon and Lesley Cunningham. 

LS still closed due to damage to the roads from heavy rains.Some of the roads have been regraded and the municipal rangers are busy with repairs. The road where major damage was done exposing the pipe has still to be repaired.

The project of the bird hide at Jackalberry: Arrangements to be made for the donor (Mr Buchan) to visit the site.

The lions have been sighted, but Mama appears thin and not receiving enough food. Photos were taken.

Working for Water (WfW) team arriving Tuesday, will work in LS. Arystalife Science wishes to have a site of 400 square metres for testing and spraying of Parthenium. The spray will be tested at different dilutions to monitor the effectiveness.

Action: Site to be identified for the next growth season.

Tree identification on the Ndlovu site has commenced.

Action: Photos to be taken of protected trees along with GPS coordinates.

Andre Engelbrecht has agreed to take this on and Lynette de Jong will manage the tags. Stuart Long has kindly agreed to assist in tree identification.

Graham Johnson informed the meeting that he has closed the website, and redirected a connection to FB.

Action: The HR committee will meet with Graham Johnson and Andrew Husdon on 5 May at 08h00 to discuss the matter.

The next Bush Walk will take place on 16 May 2014. Venue to be advised.

The reported number of birds were 46 at last Bird Walk. The increase in numbers sited was due to a visitor who is an enthusiast. A suggestion that the bird sightings should be sent to the Bird Society in Cape Town as was done previously.

Action: A request to John Martin to take this forward.

Action: Because more property owners are receiving their rates electronically, the amount of paper given to the Municipality will be reduced. Rates insert information will be available on FB.

The Fair organised by Sharon McDonald of the Trading Post was a very successful event. The HR stall from the sale of HR stickers and plants raised R1330. A donation from Sharon of R2580  each (R5160) was given to both HR and Conservancy from the proceeds of the Fair. Much appreciation from Sharon for all her hard work. Sharon has offered to organise a similar event over the December Festivities.

Action: A letter of thanks to Sharon.

Gate duty over the Easter weekend had very busy periods. An assessment regarding extra man power needed at peak hours and extra equipment available.

2 spotted bush snakes, 1 black mamba, 1 puff adder. A lenguaan was trapped behind a geyser which was eventually released after dismantling the geyser. Unfortunately the reassembling proved difficult. Apologies to the property owner.

Lorinda Steenkamp is organising another snake identification Course on 5 July.

Jasper was scheduled to meet with Velly regarding the Cull.

The HR have organised for members to attend a First Aid Course for levels 1 and 2. This will take place on 12 and 13 May 2014 at Henk van Rooyen Chambers. The cost is R611.

A letter will be given to the Mayor requesting  theinstallation of speed humps along Olifants.

The site at the Krantz was visited.

Action: Permission needed from the Municipality. Deisign must be correct and in keeping with the environment.

The Treasurer produced the financials. Expenditure for March  was for the HR banner and the calling cards for HR Committee.


A research sign to be installed in LS where the bio control experiment on Parthenium is being conducted..

Action: Thabo to assist John with installation.


Spare tyre to be replaced.

Action: Hendrik to take this forward

Street Signs

Kudu jumping signs along Oliphants.

Action: John to consult with the traffic department.

Disaster Management

Action: To identify where the water hydrant pipes are located.

A complaint was raised that there is no HR report in MPPOA bulletin.

Action: The Chair explained the information was readily available to property owners via the website, Facebook and minutes. Concerned property owners are also welcome to attend the general meetings. Minutes also put on the notice Board at the Trading Post. A point was made that HR members go to MPPOA meetings as property owners and not as HR members.

                              The meeting ended at 11h00.

                 MEETINGS SCHEDULED 2014

                        Committee:   Henk van Rooyen at 08.00

THURSDAYS May 15, June 12, July 10, Aug 14, Sept 11, Oct 16, Nov 13

            General Honorary Rangers: Henk van Rooyen  at 08.00

            THURSDAYS  May 29, June 26, July 24, Aug 28, Sep 25,

            Oct 23, Nov 27

            Bush Walks: 07.00. Venue to be advised. Walk followed by a bush             breakfast

            FRIDAYS: Apr 11, May 16, Jun 13, Jul 18, Aug 15, Sep 12, Oct 17.

Bird/Nature Walks: Henk van Rooyen at  07.00 and will advise when time changes in Spring.


HR website address:http:/

HR email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

HR cell number 072 778 5359

Rangers standby for emergencies 082 802 5894

Snake removal: John Webb 079 778 5359

                                John Webber 071 480 6453

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