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1.      The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting which was opened with a prayer by Peter craig-Cooper.


Committee:   John Webber, (Chair), Joce Gordon 2nd, in C, Peter Craig-Cooper, Penelope Mayson (Secretary), Alison Fitzgerald.

Present HR:  Jim Morgan,  Hendrik Visser, Diana van Rensburg, Andrew Hudson,   Lynette de Jong, John Webb.

Others present:  Jennifer Webber, Keith and Dot Knorr,  J J van Rensburg, Jacques de Villiers, Errol Potgieter, Linda Benarde, Dev Farquharson , Magdal van der Berg(The Corridor)

2.      Apologies from HR: Graeme Altenkirk, Genie Retief, Johan Veldsman, Tony Hayman

The Chair wished to clarify why the Treasurer Nellie Morgan was not present at the general meetings. He explained that Nellie had a major hearing problem  and could not enjoy the discussion orjoin in because ofthis. She had requested to recuse herself from the meetings which the Committee agreed upon.  She attends the Committee meetingas and would request that any member who needs to have finances sorted out to email her beforethe committee meeting in order for their request to be processed.

The Chair also informed of the situation with Tony Hayward who has resigned from being an active participant due to health issues. A farewell for him is to be arranged at  Peter's house on 28 June. Members to bring snacks and their drink.

3.      Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Feedback.

No update but the firm is still proceeding with the EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) process.

4.      Forum meeting

Regarding Law Enforcement, eight people have been identified from MP and 2 from the Municipality for training. More information will be given at the MPPOA meeting on 29 June.

5.      Bush snippets

Impala drowned in a pool. This will be investigated. By-laws regarding pools to be circulated. A report that a male and female ostrich are visiting

6.      Snares

Mortalities for May received from the Municipality. 4 snares, 1 killed by vehicle. 1 killed by a snare, no animals with snares, Mortalities1 baboon, 4 impala, 2 warthog, 2 kudu

7.      Ranger Activities

Boom gate repaired at Gate 2.

Hiking trail sign installed at the last loopbefore the Krantz.

Sign "Keep Nkomazi clean" opposite the Trading post installed.

Repairs at Frikkies dam to the bird hide.

Repairs to the fence surrounding the braai area repaired.

Section of the road to Ngwenyadam in Lionspruit stillclosed.

Dewald organised the repair to the roofand palisadeat the Krantzlookout, and has removed the wireon thethatchwhichwill be sprayed withfire retardant. The resin will bind the thatch together. 

Clean-up campaign. Alison reported Ingwe supermarket donated bags, gloves, and salaries for workers that day. This is much appreciated. Lesley and Andrew have donated salaries for the whole of July in honour of their 40th wedding anniversary. A donation has been received from George Gunn. 155bagsofrubbish have been collected through the project to date. The entrance to the dump to be improved to encourage people to go into the dump rather thanleave their rubbish at the entrance.

7. Flora. WfW team doing an excellent job in LS and Seekoi. Another team to come in. Alienplantseasier to identify now as more visible and easier to eradicate.

Joce held an identification workshop. Spic and span attended from their garden service. Would like to arrange more worhsops for other garden sevices in order for them to identify alienplantsto be removed. Receivedour firstrequest to remove aliensplants from owners stand.

8. Lionspruit- Parks Board was consulted about the condition of Mamacat. Vets report advised euthanasia because of her condition.This was undertaken along with the fitting a new collar on our male lion.Velly will issue a full statement once the autopsy report has been seen.  LS now open and access to Ngwenya dam is the only road still closed. Toilet to be completed at frikkies nowthatLS is open and the school holidays are imminent.

9. Tree tags

Quiet period

10.Website: Andrew Hudson demonstrated the new lookwebsite. Suggestions such as enlarging the font of the heading and a better Municipal logo quality made and once approved will go live. Andrew was commended for all the hard work which was much appreciated. Any HR member wishing to have their photo added to the list of members should forward it to Andrew. Thanks was given to Graham for manning the website for the past seven years. His contribution was valuable and much appreciated.

11.Rates Insert

Rates insert will be published on the website.

12. Fair

Advertising boards have been put in place in MP and in Komati and Malelane. The licence application needs to be addressed. Maria has been contacted regarding the order for beer and brutal fruits. The Nampak boxes to be collected from Malelane.

13.Snake removals

7 call outsthis month, 2 black mambas, 1 spotted bush snake, 1 tiger snake, 3 could not find.

Request for photos of snakes to be put on FB.During the2013-2014snake season 86 snake removals have been made. An appreciation of this big service was given to both snake removers John Webb and John Webber. The meeting was reminded that all snakes will bite if threatened.

14.Game Count

The aerial count began on 21 June, but there were mechanical problems with the helicopter so it was aborted. Jasper's contract has expired.

15.Fire Fighting, Disaster Management and First Aid.

Another meeting of role players took place. HR, CPF, MPPOA and Field. Processes are being put in place.To distribute a fire flyer with information regarding procedure. Agreement that the cost should be shared. Sectors to identify hydrants and which ones are working. To find keys and couplings to open hydrant. A crowbar should be part of the equipment on the trailer.

16.Speed Humps

No progress.

17.Wall of remembrance.

Sketch hopefully to be received next week.


Received for clean-up campaign.

Expenses R400.


Road signs. Urgent need for signs to be replaced. Plan to have a discussion with the Municipality to take a decision as to the way forwarde. Get a costing for a new desigh which cannot be removed.

No meeting scheduled for the Forum.

A sugestion of a video of the work HR does. Unfortuantely this will not be able to be achieved before the Fair.

To have a sign HR project visible when HR undertake work in MP.

The question of whether Mama Cat would be replaced was raised.This will not happen in the immediate future.The meeting was infromed that any decision regarding the lions is made by the Parks Board.

The meeting ended at 10h30


                       Committee:   Henk van Rooyen at 08.00 THURSDAYSJuly 10, Aug 14, Sept 11, Oct 16, Nov 13

            General Honorary Rangers: Henk van Rooyen  at 08.00

            THURSDAYS  July 24, Aug 28, Sep 25, Oct 23, Nov 27

            Bush Walks: 07.00. Venue to be advised. Walk followed by a bush breakfast

            FRIDAYS:  Jul 18, Aug 15, Sep 12, Oct 17.

Bird/Nature Walks: To be advised


HR website address:http:/

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HR cell number 072 778 5359

Rangers standby for emergencies 082 802 5894

Snake removal: John Webb     079 778 5359

      John Webber  071 480 6453

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