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Field Security: 0828281043

HR: 083 775 4409
Rangers: 082 802 5894

mamba75Snake removal:
John Webb 079 778 5359
Juan de Beer 060 665 5000
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The Marloth Park Honorary Rangers have a team of two people who assist property owners with the removal of snakes from their homes. This initiative was started some years ago due to the potentially dangerous nature of some of the snakes in Marloth Park and also to eliminate the need to kill these reptiles.


Our snake removal team have undergone the required training program and operate in line with the requirements of Mpumalanga Parks. This authority issues a permit on an annual basis and does not allow a fee to be charged for the removal of snakes.

This assistance is a voluntary service offered by our team at their personal expense. Property owners are welcome to make a donation in appreciation towards the Honorary Rangers fund raising efforts. These funds are used for the many projects undertaken in Marloth Park.

During the 2013 – 2014 summer season, close on 90 call outs were attended to. Due to the high number of calls, we try and limit our assistance to snakes which are inside the homes. Snakes which are outside the house or in the garden will generally move away when given time and space. The exception to this is Puff adders which tend to remain motionless for some time.

Our assistance does not extend to Monitors or Leguan which are far too abundant in and around the houses and do not pose any form of life threatening danger.

For assistance:              John Webb       079 778 5359

                                    John Webber    071 480 6453



Die Ereveldwagters van Marloth Park het twee persone wat grondeienaars van hulp sal wees met die verwydering van slange van hulle huise. Hierdie inisiatief het reeds 'n paar jaar gelede posgevat as gevolg van die moontlike gevaarlike natuurlike geaardheid  van sommige slange in Marloth Park,

asook om te verhoed dat hulle dood gemaak word.

Hierdie twee persone het die nodige spesiale opleiding ontvang, en handel volgens die vereistes van Mpumalanga Parke wat jaarlikse permitte uitreik en wat geen vergoeding vir die verwydering van slange toelaat nie.

Hierdie bystand word vrywillig en op die span se eie onkoste gedoen. Grondeienaars is welkom om 'n  donasie by te dra tot die Ereveldwagters se fondsinsameling. 

Hierdie fondse word gebruik om die baie projekte wat deur hulle in Marloth Park aangepak word, te finansier.

Gedurende die somerseisoen van 2013 - 2014 was daar, aan bykans 90 noodroepe aandag gegee.  As gevolg van die groot hoeveelheid oproepe poog hulle om hulle bystand tot slange wat in die huis is te beperk. Slange wat buite die huis en in die tuin is beweeg gewoonlik uit eie vrye wil weg as hulle tyd en spasie gegun word. Pofadders daarenteen is geneig om vir lang tye bewegingloos op een plek te lê.

Ons bystand sluit nie likewane en waterlikewane in nie aangesien daar te veel van hulle rondom die huise is en wat geen lewensgevaar vir die mens inhou nie.

Vir bystand:     John Webb.       079 778 5359

                         John Webber.   071 480 6453

Our vision

hrOur vision is to support and assist the Nkomazi Municipality Conservation Department within Marloth Park with their management strategies and objectives while being an effective volunteer group. 
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