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To be read in conjunction with the National Environmental Management Protected Areas Act
57 – Specifically National Parks Buffer Zone.

a. Commission an updated Environmental Veld and Game assessment.
i. MPPOA has appointed well known and recommended local environmentalist Mr.Ralf
Kalwa to take on this task in early 2015.
b. Implement a practical workable management plan.
i. Part of Mr. Kalwa’s task is to set out a practical, step-by-step monthly plan for Marloth
Park and Lionspruit.
ii. To produce a booklet/electronic copy with the management plan in plain language to
be given to all existing and new property owners.
c. All home-owners to be educated and party to the step–by–step plan.
i. 22nd November 2014 at Henk van Rooyen Park, Mr. Kalwa will present his basic
assessment of the Veld and Game condition and his proposed remedies. All are
welcome to attend.
ii. Each property owner will be given a chance to have input and pose questions.
d. Home-owners and MTPA and NKLM to manage this plan together.
i. A proposed “Trust “ or Management company be appointed jointly by Nkomazi and
MPPOA Forum and MTPA to manage and appoint a Game Warden for Marloth Park
and Lionspruit.
ii. To collect, manage and disburse “ Conservation Funds “.
2. TOWN PLANNING CONTROL:a. Proper building regulation control
i. Nkomazi and MPPOA to join forces to control, identify contraventions and enforce compliance to all town-planning issues.

ii. To scrutinise “Building Plans “ prior to Municipal approval.
iii. To establish a self-regulated body of approved Contractors who comply with Marloth
Parks By-laws and Ethos.
b. Establish relevant bylaws and control
i. A joint By-law planning workshop convened by Nkomazi together with MPPOA to
update and establish relevant By-laws for the Holiday township of Marloth Park.
c. Implement a workable strategy for final expansion
i. The current estimate of nearly 2000 buildings in the Park and the alarming rate of
new buildings under construction requires innovative strategy for limiting overexpansion
within the “Special National Parks Buffer Zone” policy which now applies to
Marloth Park.
ii. For example, advantages for multi-property owners to consolidate stands and a limit
on vacation accommodation properties to be constructed etc.
d. Building regulation controls, e.g. light pollution, waterholes and fences.
i. Appointment of Peace Officers and an increased presence of Law Enforcement to
regulate and enforce By-laws relevant to Marloth Park.
e. Vacation Accommodation compliance & assessment
i. Determine the capacity of the Vacation Accommodation currently available and
introduce measures for capacity controls and legal compliance.
ii. To upgrade Marloth park as a vacation destination with compliance to national
standards and practises.
f. Conditions for Permanent Residence Application.
i. A joint collaboration between Nkomazi and MPPOA to determine reasonable Criteria
for permanent residence affording all property owners the opportunity for By-law
g. Access for Maroela Squatter camp and Makarios Farm
i. Access to the Maroela Informal settlement and Makarios farms to be closed
permanently via Fig-tree rd. in Marloth park.
ii. The reintroduction of no pedestrian traffic between Dusk and Dawn
due to the proliferation of dangerous game in Marloth park. It is the Nkomazi
and Property Owners joint legal responsibility if someone is hurt or killed by
our animals.
a. Water usage – proper controls and bylaws
i. Establish the usable daily off-take of drinking water to introduce measures and
controls to ensure an uninterrupted water supply for all properties.
ii. Introduce water consumption limits for high population times.
b. Water equipment management & maintenance
i. To continue and improve the joint monitoring and assistance with equipment
maintenance and quality control.
c. Roads, pathways & veterinary roads – proper management
i. Arrive at a joint strategy for road improvement and maintenance including property
owner’s responsibilities to kerbs and water run-offs.
ii. Take decisions around the use of and up-keep and maintenance of the veterinary
fence road.
d. Electricity – capacity and maintenance
i. Implement a joint strategy for infrastructure to improve and maintain the electricity
supply grid.
ii. To continue and improve the communication between Property owners and Nkomazi .
e. Waste Management and recycling
i. Continue and improve on enterprises already established for Recycling.
ii. To continue and improve joint cooperation regarding the management and moving of
the Municipal Dump.
iii. To control access and introduce dumping fees for contractors with penalties for noncompliance
at the Dump site.
f. Disaster response equipment, e.g. fire and medical
i. To continue in joint cooperate with the Local Volunteer Fire and Disaster management
teams and assist with equipment and infrastructure repairs and upgrades required.
ii. Upgrade the current Fire-Hydrant access and maintenance thereof.
g. Municipal buildings and gates. Repairs and maintenance.
i. To take pride in our Municipal buildings and gates.
ii. In a joint participation where Nkomazi supplies the materials and the Community
provides the labour to repair and beautify our Municipal buildings and gates.
a. By-laws – implementation and enforcement of ALL
i. The introduction of Peace Officers and high visibility of Law Enforcement to assist
with all by-law and traffic law enforcement.
ii. All by-laws to be enforced. Individuals cannot pick and choose which by-law suits
b. Traffic Offences – signage, enforcement of laws
i. Improved new traffic signage to be displayed.
ii. Speed cameras to be manned and offenders prosecuted.
iii. All traffic offences to be prosecuted.
c. Crime prevention
i. A continued and improved communication and relationship cultivated between the
Marloth Park CPF, Security companies and South African Police Services
ii. To improve and establish a more strategic “ Block Watch “ .
d. Access Control – IN & OUT (foot & mouth barrier)
i. The MTPA insist that Marloth park introduce better security measures around “Access
Control” as the first-line barrier for “Foot and Mouth “ Control and other animal borne
ii. Anti-crime and anti-poaching measures require an upgraded “Gate Control”.
iii. Introduce measures , as proposed, for a“ Conservation Fee” for visitors. This will
eventually take the financial load off property owners for Game and Veld
iv. Introduce measures to enable the control of non-resident traffic and delivery
schedules for large vehicle traffic.
e. Anti-poaching
i. Access control is paramount in the Strategic Plans for Buffer zones around the
Kruger National Park.
a. All Marloth residents and NKLM can benefit
i. Implement a game input and building strategy to increase the visibility of lions and
possible other predators.
ii. Remove or expedite the hunting of the remaining Bushpig Safari’s Buffalos and halt
all hunting in Lionspruit except for possible culling in the future.
iii. Investigate the potential for Managed Open Vehicle Safaris in Lionspruit.
iv. Investigate the viability of Bush walks in Lionspruit.
v. Investigate the possibility of Bush-breakfasts and Evening-braais as a facility and
business opportunity.
b. Boost revenue & status
i. When we utilise Lionspruit as suggested we will attract more affluent clients for the
vacation industry and increase our status as an Eco-tourist destination.
c. Income generator.
i. Income from better utilisation of Lionspruit as a facility will supplement the proposed “
Conservation Fee” and negate the need for trophy hunting as a fund generator.
MPPOA’s 5 Point Action Plan to achieve a balanced, sustainable wildlife estate with benefits
for all parties.
Property owners want meaningful input and participation regarding the Game and
Veld management in Marloth Park and Lionspruit.
We propose the appointment of a full-time permanent Chief Game Warden who
meets the criteria of Property Owners to co-manage Marloth park and Lionspruit with
Property Owners want the same credible input in the appointment of the gate
management company.
We propose the establishment of a “Wildlife Trust “ together with Nkomazi and MTPA
to manage the Game and Veld programs through the Chief Game Warden and
Nkomazi Rangers in Marloth Park and Lionspruit.
In addition a professional management company could be appointed to manage the
day to day activities as well as the collection and disbursement of Conservation Fees.
MPPOA advocates the removal of the voluntary gate levy in favour of a R50-00 per
month “ Conservation Fee” payable by all property owners as well as all visitors to
Marloth Park. Visitors fee to be valid for 7 days at a time. This fee would be managed
by the Joint Trust with Members elected from Marloth Park property owners and the
MPPOA Forum and appointed by the Nkomazi Municipality and MTPA.
In conclusion Marloth Park and Lionspruit have the potential to be balanced and
sustainable for generations to come with careful planning and management. A joint
responsibility of all Property Owners and Nkomazi Municipality to our next
Please support our efforts to make this happen.
Yours Sincerely,
Tony Hayman
MPPOA Chairman

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hrOur vision is to support and assist the Nkomazi Municipality Conservation Department within Marloth Park with their management strategies and objectives while being an effective volunteer group. 
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