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Marloth Wildlife Fund

Chairman's Report

February 2015

The Wildlife Fund was transferred to the new Trustees in October 2014, part way through the year. Since then we have worked hard to raise the profile of the Wildlife Fund and have engaged in a number of charitable and fundraising activities.

We have joined the Marloth Park Forum, which is chaired by the Marloth Park Property Owners Association and all organisations that have an interest in the greater good of Marloth Park and our wildlife, are represented on the forum. We have also worked towards developing a positive relationship with the Municipal Rangers and supporting their role as protectors of our wildlife. This has led to us being far more aware of current issues that impact on our wildlife and enables us to have more direct involvement.

As well as fundraising we have also had a more direct role in project work, with our Trustees volunteering their time to work on particular projects that the Wildlife Fund has also funded. The Trustees have also been actively involved in supporting our Rangers in the field when needed.

In just a few months people are now much more aware of the Wildlife Fund and are supporting our efforts. We donated R18,850 to the Marloth Park property Owners Association to help towards paying for the services of a conservation specialist who will be helping to restore Marloth Park as a Nature Conservancy. We also undertook a joint project with Care 4 Marloth to introduce indigenous grasses back into Marloth. We have funded training for our Municipal Rangers and helped with the purchase of much needed equipment.

Marloth is currently facing a very difficult future with the need for some drastic action to reduce the over stock of animals and rehabilitate the veldt, which is currently in a very poor state. There will be a need to educate property owners and for all organisations to work together if the future of Marloth is to have positive benefits for our wildlife.

Jayne Barlow

February 2015

Our vision

hrOur vision is to support and assist the Nkomazi Municipality Conservation Department within Marloth Park with their management strategies and objectives while being an effective volunteer group. 
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