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PLEASE DON'T EAT MY HUSBAND!!!  This ostrich was dangerous.  There was a group of 3 males along Seekoei Road.  2 were relatively relaxed but the 3rd came right up very close to  us obviously looking for food.  It's mouth was wide open and it's strong beak was dangerously close.  It took no notice of our efforts to shoo it away.  Please be very careful of the ostriches.... They can become very aggressive and a kick from an ostrich can cause serious damage .  Please don't feed them .  Feeding them makes them associate people with food and puts all of us, including our children and our visitors, in extreme danger! (Joce Gordon)



The annual braai was held on Friday the 18 November at Henk van Rooyen.  It was an overcast, cool day and without rain. 

The event was enjoyed by all who attended.  Peter Craig-Cooper gave a speech of thanks to the Game Rangers for all the assistance they have given to the Honorary Rangers in their work for the good of Marloth Park. He also thanked them for the difficult and sometimes unpleasant tasks they often have to handle.

Elfas Mahori, Senior Game Ranger, replied with his thanks for the efforts and support that the Honorary Rangers give them with their jobs and for giving them the celebration braai. We thank Honorary Rangers Nellie and Jim Morgan who arranged all the food and drink for this event.  Nellie made delicious pap with her mouth-watering sauce and Jim was the chief braai-master and was helped by Game Rangers Jaco and Terence to braai the meat.  

  • Click to enlarge image 1. Uschi and Evan.JPG Uschi and Evan Uschi and Evan
  • Click to enlarge image 2. Diana and Jay.JPG Diana and Jay Diana and Jay
  • Click to enlarge image 3 Genie John and Lynette. .JPG Genie John and Lynette Genie John and Lynette
  • Click to enlarge image 4. HRs enjoying the braai.JPG HRs enjoying the braai HRs enjoying the braai
  • Click to enlarge image 5. Peter and Andre enjoy a chat.JPG Peter and Andre enjoy a chat Peter and Andre enjoy a chat
  • Click to enlarge image 6. New Rangers Carol Mel Sandra and Paul.JPG New Rangers Carol Mel Sandra and Paul New Rangers Carol Mel Sandra and Paul
  • Click to enlarge image 7.Braai Masters Terence Jaco and Jim.JPG .Braai Masters Terence Jaco and Jim .Braai Masters Terence Jaco and Jim
  • Click to enlarge image 8. Rangers Elfas. Wilson and Lucas.JPG Rangers Elfas. Wilson and Lucas Rangers Elfas. Wilson and Lucas
  • Click to enlarge image 9.Dirk braaing his meat.JPG Dirk braaing his meat Dirk braaing his meat
  • Click to enlarge image 10. Jaco and Jim enjoy relaxed conversation .JPG Jaco and Jim enjoy relaxed conversation Jaco and Jim enjoy relaxed conversation
  • Click to enlarge image 11. Thulani JimAlbert FreddieZodwa Zamos Elfas and Wilson .JPG Thulani JimAlbert FreddieZodwa Zamos Thulani JimAlbert FreddieZodwa Zamos
  • Click to enlarge image 12. Game Rangers gather around for the speeches.JPG Game Rangers gather around for the speech Game Rangers gather around for the speech
  • Click to enlarge image 13. Elfas replies to Peters speeech.JPG Elfas replies to Peter's speeech Elfas replies to Peter's speeech
  • Click to enlarge image 14. Elfas thanks the HRs.JPG Elfas thanks the HRs Elfas thanks the HRs



The Honorary Rangers are pleased to inform you that grass seed can be obtained from :-

Marlothi Trading Post in 250gm packets which covers 10m2

Daisy's Den in 500gm packets which covers 20m2




Early in December the Nkomazi Game Rangers of Marloth Park had a problem with an essential piece of equipment used for tracking.

The Honorary Rangers immediately loaned the Nkomazi Game Rangers their antenna, and then arranged to supply them with another one as soon as possible.   This was handed over by Evan Powell to Elfas Mahori, Senior Game Ranger on Tuesday 31 January.  The Nkomazi Game Rangers can now continue with their invaluable work of ensuring the welfare of our Game in the area which they track 24/7!


The Latest game Count: September 2016


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waterconservationmission200wConservation in Marloth Park: Our Primary Concern

Our primary concern as Honorary Rangers is the well-being and long-term survival of Marloth Park as a viable nature Conservancy.

To achieve this, we must    •  Manage the veldt    and    •  Manage the Widlife

All property Owners bear a responsibility to care for their own properties and ensure that everyting we do encourages the well-being of the veldt and therefore the animals.

On this website there are articles describing how we can best ensure that we keep the veldt natural and the animals wild.

 Hon Rangers Monthly Advice to Property Owners Veldt and Game Management
 Look after your own property Feeding during drought  
Marloth Park - our wonderland All about the Veldt  

Honorary Rangers together with the property Ownders Association and the Marlothii Conservancy have formed a FORUM in order to present a unified approach to the management of the Veldt and the animals.

Read about the Forum and the MPPOA 5-Point Plan

2017 AGM Report and Minutes

Read the Chief Honorary Ranger's Report for 2016 here

and the Minutes of the AGM held on 17th january 2017 here

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Leadwood Combretum imberbe



Bird walks

birdingBird walks hosted by Honorary Rangers are held on the first Saturday of the month. The next meeting place is at 'Two Trees' on Seekoei St at 06h00.


Our vision

hrOur vision is to support and assist the Nkomazi Municipality Conservation Department within Marloth Park with their management strategies and objectives while being an effective volunteer group. 
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